May Family Nursery School

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the May Family Nursery School!

Early childhood is the gateway to learning, and here at Central Synagogue, we are committed to providing young children with a creative learning environment rich in hands-on experiences that make them love coming to school. During their time here, all children are recognized as unique individuals with varied interests, personality traits, and strengths. We give them the freedom to be creative and encourage them to wonder, explore, experiment, and problem solve with confidence. Our goal is to nurture the development of the intellectual, social and emotional, language and physical skills that form a strong foundation for each child as an eager and curious learner throughout his or her life, and shorter term, ensure a successful transition to kindergarten.

Interwoven throughout our school year are rich Jewish learning experiences and compelling celebratory times that help children begin to develop a sense of connection to Judaism. They interact with the clergy, explore ritual objects, celebrate holidays and learn about Jewish values that are meaningful in their lives, in particular, tikkun olam (fixing the world), tzedakah (righteousness, often referred to as charity), hachnasat orchim (welcoming guests), and g'milut chasadim (acts of kindness).

When I am not in the classrooms interacting with our children, one of my deepest pleasures is partnering with parents during this early and tender time in their children's lives. Whether parents wish to meet to discuss their child's transition into our school, social interactions with their classmates, individual learning styles, or plans for school after the nursery school years-the New York City exmissions process-I look forward to engaging with them and providing them with support, as together, we get to know their children as students and seek answers to their questions and concerns.

I invite you to learn more about our school and all that it has to offer your children and family as an integral part of the warm, innovative, and welcoming Central Synagogue community.

Warm regards,

Cindy Grebow
Early Childhood Director

Our Philosophy

At the May Family Nursery School at Central Synagogue, our goal is to provide each child with a strong foundation for personal fulfillment, academic success and connection to Judaism throughout their lives. In every class and at every age, our approach to early childhood education centers on hands-on, experiential learning that sparks curiosity, engages creativity, and invites children to think imaginatively and to wonder. As they explore, they begin to think about the world outside of their classroom and to seek their own solutions to the questions and challenges that arise through their work and play during the school day.

In a warm, welcoming, and stimulating environment that values and recognizes the uniqueness and individuality of each child, children's awareness of the world grows larger as they play, engage with interesting and developmentally-appropriate materials, form friendships, learn how to collaborate with others, and begin the process of becoming lifelong learners with a growing sense of self-confidence, responsibility and independence.

Through a focus on emergent curriculum inspired by Reggio Emilia and other child-centered philosophies of educating young children, the interests of the children themselves become a starting point for in-depth, integrated exploration across all academic disciplines. From language, math, science, and social studies to music and art, children make connections and develop their own understanding with the guidance of teachers who are attuned to each child's learning style and know how to help extend their knowledge, as they ponder, explore and problem solve. Throughout each child's time in our school, we work closely with parents, communicating and partnering with them to help each child reach his or her full potential as happy, relaxed, and confident learners with a lasting sense of Jewish connection.

Our Classes: 2016-17 School Year

There are eight classes in our school for children from two to five years old, with programs ranging from Young Twos to Pre-Kindergarten. Our school day begins at 8:45 am in all classes, with staggered dismissal times based on the ages of the children.

Twos Classes*

Gold Room/Rimonim (Younger Twos)

Three-Day Option: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8:45-11:45am
Five-Day Option: Monday to Friday, 8:45-11:45am

*Parents may elect the three-day or five-day option. It is possible to begin the year with the three-day schedule and increase to five days beginning in January. Fees associated with this options are included in the class enrollment agreements.

Yellow Room/Bananot (Older Twos)

Monday to Friday, 8:45am-12:00pm

Threes Classes*

Purple Room/Anavim
Green Room/Tzefardim
Orange Room/Tapuzim

Monday to Thursday, 8:45am-1:00pm; Friday, 8:45am-12:15pm (early dismissal for Shabbat)

*Parents may elect to have their children participate in Extended Day from 1:00-2:15pm Monday to Thursday. Children may begin Extended Day in September or January. Fees associated with this options are included in the class enrollment agreements.

Older Threes/Young Fours Class

Rainbow Room/Keshetot

Monday to Thursday, 8:45am-2:15pm; Friday, 8:45am-12:15pm (early dismissal for Shabbat)

Pre-Kindergarten (4s/5s) Classes

Red Room/Tutim
Blue Room/Tzipporim

Monday to Thursday, 8:45am-2:30pm; Friday, 8:45am-12:15pm (early dismissal for Shabbat)

Note: Depending on their date of birth, some children go to kindergarten directly from the Rainbow, Red, or Blue Room, while others go from the Rainbow or Red Room to the Red or Blue Room before leaving the Nursery School for kindergarten in public or private school.

Our Spaces

In addition to our warm and inviting classrooms, we have two beautiful outdoor play areas for our children, the Rooftop Playground and the Second Floor Terrace and Garden, as well as the Barbara Brooks Children’s Library, an indoor Movement Room, and Beir Chapel, where we gather to celebrate Shabbat as a school community at our weekly Shabbat B’yachad, Shabbat Together.

Enrichment Programs

Music and Movement

Every week, all of our classes attend Music and Movement classes. Shira Kobren Wasserman, our talented and engaging music teacher, plays the guitar and teaches children songs, rhymes, and finger plays that complement the curriculum in each class throughout the year, as well as songs and stories about each of the Jewish holidays that we study and celebrate. Shira also leads Tot Shabbat services which are part of Central Synagogue's Family Engagement programming.

Our classes also enjoy Movement with Lance Windish, our movement specialist, whose enthusiasm inspires our children to move in joyful and creative ways and to develop age-appropriate awareness, coordination, and control over their bodies.


Professor Apple, our science teacher, enriches the science experience for our two Pre-Kindergarten and our Turning Fours classes with a weekly visit. With Professor Apple as their guide, children in each class learn about the many ways that one can be a scientist, with highlights that include making erupting volcanoes, digging in the dirt for worms, studying rocks and learning how birds fly.


Pre-literacy is an integral part of our children’s experience in school every day, and visiting our school library, the Barbara Brooks Children’s Library, is a highlight of the week. Our library program is led by Rebecca Reitz, a gifted librarian and storyteller, who collaborates closely with our faculty to integrate the library experience with our classroom curriculum. Each class goes to the library every week to hear a story, after which the children look at books selected for them by our librarian based on their interests and the current curriculum in each class, and choose a book to check out. Our library program plays an important role in instilling a love for reading in our children, introducing them to a wide range of genres and developing their pre-literacy skills. It is a cozy and inviting place to visit and settle in with a good book to read!


Building with wooden unit blocks is a pivotal part of the preschool experience. When children build with blocks, they learn across a range of critically important subjects: language, literacy, social studies, math, and science, as well as develop skills that positively impact their approach to learning throughout their lives: collaboration with others, determination and focus, experimentation, problem solving, and resilience. Jean Schreiber, our block curriculum consultant, is a gifted early childhood educator with expertise in developing effective block programs. She visits our classrooms every month throughout the school year, building with teachers and children, and working closely with our faculty to enrich our block curriculum. Throughout our school, in classrooms, outdoor spaces and indoor playrooms, children build with unit blocks, large and toddler-sized wooden hollow blocks, and Imagination Playground blocks.


The children in our school have the opportunity to create and sustain “learning gardens” on both our Second Floor Terrace and Roof with our Studio Teacher of Nature and Gardening, Stephanie Rose. Throughout the year, children plant, tend, harvest, save seeds, cook, compost, and discover the connections that exist among Jewish holidays, values, and the life cycle of living things. The community gardens that all of the children in the school create and tend provoke rich opportunities for “wondering” about the natural world and provide them with a hands-on connection to tikkun olam, as the children learn about one way in which they personally can care for the world by growing their own food and “eating local.”

This program is made possible through the generosity of the Rabin Garden and Tinker Fund.

Jewish Curriculum

Central Synagogue's commitment to Jewish learning and values permeates daily life in the Nursery School, where Jewish learning and exploration are a focal point of our curriculum and our children's experiences. Our approach is three-fold. Children learn about Shabbat, the cycle of Jewish holidays throughout the year, and Jewish values, with particular emphasis on tikkun olam, tzedakah, hachnasat orchim, and g'milut chasadim.


Every Friday, the entire school comes together in Beir Chapel for Shabbat B'yachad (Shabbat Together). Led by a member of our clergy, the children welcome Shabbat as a community with song, prayer, and blessings, preceded or followed by individual celebrations in each classroom. Parents take turns coming to school to join in their children's classroom Shabbat observance, and accompany their children to Shabbat B'yachad on that day as well, a truly special Shabbat experience for parents and children alike.

Jewish Holidays

Our children learn about Jewish holidays through meaningful interactive experiences that help bring them to life. Children learn the stories of the holidays and then can be found reenacting the stories in the dramatic play area, in the block corner, or even at the sand table. Books are read, holiday songs are sung, ritual objects and symbols of the holidays are explored and discussed. And of course, cooking is done in preparation for in-school celebrations. All of our teachers thoughtfully teach the children in their classes about their Jewish life in a dynamic, exciting, and authentic way.

We celebrate with a Chanukah party in each class, Seders for both Tu BiSh'vat (a celebration of trees in Judaism) and Passover, a Purim parade, and a virtual trip to key sites in Israel for Yom HaAtzma-ut, Israel's Independence Day, including the Western Wall, Eilat, and a pretend shuk (open-air market).

Jewish Values

Jewish values are at the core of our program, and it is our goal to help children understand them in tangible ways.

Children and families in the Nursery School participate in Central Synagogue's tzedakah sandwich-making initiative for the homeless, taking part in the monthly rotation of volunteers within the synagogue who make and bag sandwiches.

Each class also collects money for tzedakah throughout the year. At the end of the school year, the children in each class, with the help of their teachers, choose organizations that hold meaning for them to which they donate the money that they have collected.

Children learn the meaning of tikkun olam through an environmentally-sensitive approach to the materials we use for creative expression. Pieces of "Beautiful Junk," recyclable materials and found objects of all kinds, are collected by teachers, parents, children and Central Synagogue staff members for the children to use in their projects, sparking open-ended exploration and resulting in truly unique creations. As children engage in the process of collecting "Beautiful Junk," they become aware of just how much gets thrown away, and they begin to realize how effective repurposing materials can be in protecting and caring for our world.

Children also learn about taking care of the environment through our nature and gardening program, in which children plant seeds--often vegetables--and provide them with nourishment and care until they are ready to be harvested and eaten.

Throughout the year, when guests visit our classrooms, children learn the importance of hachnasat orchim, welcoming guests, as they graciously welcome parents who come for Shabbat; clergy members who visit to tell a story, sing and play with the children, or celebrate a special holiday; and a wonderful group of synagogue members and staff who participate in our Nursery School reading program, volunteering their time to read aloud to the children in all of our Nursery School classes.

And of course, every day in every classroom we encourage children to treat their classmates and others with kindness, as they learn the meaning of g'milut chasadim, acts of loving kindness.

Through our rich Jewish curriculum, children connect with and embrace Judaism in a way that is joyful and meaningful to them.

Early Drop-Off Program

We are pleased to offer our parents the convenience of our Early Drop-Off program daily from 8:15am-8:45am. Staffed by Nursery School teachers, Early Drop-Off starts this year on September 19, 2016 and continues every day that school is in session through the last day. You have the option of registering for the entire year, semester by semester, or may select a pack of 10 or 20 sessions. For those of you with a last minute change in plans, you even have the option to register for one day of Early Drop-Off. In nice weather, children will be able to enjoy playing on the second floor terrace. A Nursery School teacher will escort your child(ren) to their classrooms in time for the start of school.

Learn more & Register »

After-School Classes

After school classes are offered for students who attend the Nursery School. Each class incorporates Jewish content by familiarizing children with Jewish stories, songs, and characters. Enrollment is on a semester by semester basis.

Class options include science, cooking, dance, and yoga.

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June School

We are delighted to offer a two week June School program at the Central Synagogue May Family Nursery School! June School is intended for children who are students in the nursery school during the school year and takes place Monday through Friday for the two weeks immediately following the end of school. During June School, children enjoy many engaging and fun activities including sand and water play, sprinklers, art, yoga, block building, movement, music, science, Shabbat, and more. June School is staffed by our own Central Synagogue Nursery School teachers, as well as our specialists.

If you have any questions about June School, please contact Tamar Davis at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 212-838-5122 ext. 4002.

For Parents

Parents Association

We have a very active Parents Association (PA), comprised of a number of parent volunteers who give generously of their time and work tirelessly on behalf of our school. Led by two co-chairs each year and assisted by Class Parents and a number of committee chairs, the PA plans and sponsors our annual Book Fair and annual Nursery School benefit, as well as collaborates with the NS staff on the publication of a school newsletter; assists in the admissions process as welcome ambassadors; creates, markets, and sells Central Synagogue CentralWear, special children’s clothing designed with our name and logo to promote school spirit; and partners with the Nursery School to sponsor a series of talks for parents, the CentralChat series, just to name a few of their many initiatives throughout the year. Becoming involved in the PA is a great way, not only to form friendships within the nursery school community, but also to spend time in the school and get to know the school better – maybe even to get a glimpse of your children during their school day.

Parent Workshops

Central Synagogue sponsors CentralChat “Coffee Talks,” a number of workshops for parents throughout the year led by the Nursery School Director, members of the clergy, the Director of Youth and Family Education, Central Synagogue staff, and special consultants to our school. At these informal discussion groups, specific topics are covered and parents are invited to bring questions. Topics include the exmissions process, Jewish parenting issues, and social and emotional, physical, and speech and language growth and development. Additional workshops are offered in partnership with the Parents Association.

Our Teachers

Our Nursery School is staffed by a group of highly dedicated and creative educators who are passionate about early childhood and bring a wide range of experience, interests and special talents to their work with young children. There are three teachers in each class, with at least one and in many cases, more with master's degrees in early childhood education (Head and Associate Teachers). Ongoing professional development is a priority for our school. Every year, our teachers participate in a number of workshops and conferences, as we strive always to grow as a faculty, bring cutting edge developments in early childhood education to our classrooms, and model a love of learning and willingness to try new things for our children.

In addition to our loving, gifted, and deeply committed classroom teachers, we are fortunate to have the expertise of specialist teachers and consultants on our staff, including a music teacher, movement teacher, the Studio Teacher of Nature and Gardening, the science teacher for our three oldest classes, a block consultant who works with our teachers and children throughout the school year to enrich our block curriculum, and an occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, and Early Childhood Development specialist, all of whom are valuable resources for both teachers and parents.

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Exmissions, the planning process for children when the time approaches for them to leave our school and go on to kindergarten, is a major priority for our school. During their time at Central, the Nursery School Director gets to know each child and family well, so that when the time comes to start planning the next steps in each child’s education, sound recommendations can be made. To begin the new exmissions season, the Director holds an exmissions meeting each year in mid-March, followed by individual meetings with parents that continue into the following fall and winter until placement decisions are made. Throughout the entire process, the Director works closely with parents, advising them, supporting them, and helping them make decisions that are good ones for their children.

Admissions 2017-2018

The admissions process at Central Synagogue is designed to be informative, welcoming, and a true reflection of our school and synagogue community. Starting the day after Labor Day, the application for admission to the Nursery School for the 2017-2018 school year is available for parents to complete online. Once parents have completed the application and submitted it online along with a $75 application fee, the Nursery School office confirms via email that the application has been received; included in this email are instructions to arrange a tour of our school. Tours begin in October and continue into November. Parents are asked to choose three dates and rank them in order of preference. We do our best to accommodate each family's first choice. In that email, parents are also asked to attach a photograph of their child that we add to his or her application. Our classes cover a wide range of ages; in order to be eligible for admission to the Nursery School, children must turn two by September 15, 2017. (For younger children who miss the age cut-off for enrollment in the Nursery School, we offer Central Tots classes. Enrollment in these classes is first come, first served by registration only and is open to members of Central Synagogue as well as non-members. Registration for 2016-2017 Central Tots classes is still open! Register now »)

Each admissions tour is conducted by the Nursery School Director and Assistant Director, who give a brief overview of our philosophy and curriculum. Parents also have are able to learn about the Central Synagogue community through our many family engagement programs including Shabbat Central (formerly Tot Shabbat), holiday celebrations for young children, PJ Library, and a growing number of Central Tots classes for children who haven't yet reached nursery school age, including Toddler Time (18-24 months; includes gentle separation), Early Explorers (12-18 months), Baby Book Club (6-12 months), New Baby and Parent (1-5 months), and Bend With Your Baby (6 weeks-9 months). Members of the clergy are on hand to greet prospective parents along with the Director of Youth and Family Education, Nursery School faculty members, and current Nursery School parents who speak about the Central Synagogue Nursery School experience from a parent's point of view. And of course, parents have an opportunity to tour our classrooms, see what's growing in the garden on our second floor terrace and roof, and watch the children at work and play in the classrooms and on the roof playground.

Parents who have applied to our school are also invited to attend an open house and panel discussion for prospective parents in November. This evening event is intended to provide parents with an additional opportunity to visit the classrooms, speak with our Nursery School teachers, and hear from current parents about their experiences in the Nursery School and Synagogue.

Our People

Cindy Grebow

Cindy Grebow

Early Childhood Director

Tamar Davis

Tamar Davis

Assistant Early Childhood Director

Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson

Early Childhood Department Administrator

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