Special Education

At Central Synagogue

Inclusion is a fundamental principle of Reform Judaism and Central Synagogue.

The Lese Center for Living Judaism embraces and supports all learners and provides individualized services for children with special needs.

In September 2013, Central Synagogue began working in partnership with Matan, a wonderful organization here in New York devoted to Jewish education for all children.  Matan has helped our education staff meet the needs of all of our students, including those with special requirements. Matan provides professional development for our educators as well as consultations with families and general ongoing support to our staff. We share Matan’s vision that a quality Jewish education should be accessible for every child.

This year, we have extended the program to include Rena Allen as our Manager of Special Education and Educator Training. Rena will be communicating with families to learn about children’s learning needs and managing those support services throughout the year. Rena will also be working closely with our Religious School Educators, training them to best address the variety of learning styles of our students.  We also provide Learning Specialists to provide one-on-one Hebrew instruction to the students who would benefit. We are proud of the progress made and our ability to provide the best educational environment for all of the learners at Central Synagogue.

Our People

Rena Allen

Rena Allen

Manager of Special Education & Educator Training

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