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The generosity of our members and associates enhances the way we all experience Reform Judaism, through inspiring worship services; thought-provoking study; and meaningful personal relationships. Our connections with ourselves, one another and the world beyond our walls are deepened by incredible donors like you. Gifts to Central Synagogue are a wonderful way to celebrate friends and family members on their birthdays, anniversaries, and special life cycle moments as well as to honor the memory of our loved ones.

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An Appeal from Jon Tisch

“What lies behind tzedakah is the power of community. We are each other’s guarantors through good times and bad. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but to others. In Judaism, giving is not about giving. It is about the transcendent power of community. It is a fulfillment that elevates us and binds us to each other. It is Central Synagogue.”

- Jon Tisch