At Central Synagogue

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You can listen to more music from Central Synagogue on Soundcloud, on our YouTube channel, and by downloading Sounds of Shabbat, a 17-track album recorded in our Sanctuary by our music team.

The Gabe M. Wiener Memorial Organ Concerts

Central hosts semi-monthly lunchtime organ concerts featuring talented musicians from around the world. Upcoming dates are listed on our Events Calendar. More about the Gabe M. Wiener Memorial Organ can be found on the About Us: Our Sanctuary page.

Congregational Choirs

Our congregational choirs (Teen and Adult) are a wonderful way to experience Jewish music. Participate in worship services, concerts, and learn the music of our liturgy. Previous music and/or Hebrew background welcome but not necessary. The choir performs at services throughout the year. For more information, contact Lori Dubin.

Sounding Jewish Tradition: The Music of Central Synagogue by Judah M. Cohen

This fascinating work was produced in 2011, written by Judah M. Cohen, the Lou and Sybil Mervis Professor of Jewish Culture, Associate Professor of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, and Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at Indiana University, under the direction of former Assistant Cantor Elizabeth Sacks, with support from Cantor Angela Buchdahl, and funding from the Rubinstein Family Archival Fund. The outstanding monograph offers us unique insight into the history of Jewish liturgical music in America as it evolved to find its own voice in American society. At the heart of this history are generations of rabbis, cantors, and their choirs and musicians who continually strove to enrich our worship and Jewish communal life. To request a copy, please contact our Archives Office at (212) 838-5122 ext. 2041.

Listen to Tracks

Meet Our Musicians

Elana Arian, guitar and violin
Ivan Barenboim, clarinet and recorder
Brian Downen, tenor
Misa Iwama, Assistant Music Director, alto
Benny Koonyevsky, percussion
Andrea Rae Markowicz, soprano/alto
Joe Neal Nelson, baritone
Tami Petty, soprano
Dave Romano, string bass
David Strickland, Music Director, organ, keyboard
David Vanderwal, tenor

Blessings & Other Music

“Taking Your Place” by Abigail Pogrebin

Member Abigail Pogrebin wrote this song at the request of Rabbi Rubinstein and Cantor Buchdahl to underscore the meaning of becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Read about Abigail’s journey to writing this song at

“Zekher l’ma’ase” by Lazar Weiner

Central commissioned this work to celebrate our centennial in 1970.